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Vic made his first post about a conversation he and his mother had, and coincidently my first post also revolves around a conversation I had with my mother.

My mother is considerably young to be a mother of an 18 year old. She’s constantly going out, and talking to me using the same colloquial slang as I use with her and is still very much concerned with her physical appearance. My mother and I are both doing the P 90 X program, sort of. By this I mean with our busy life styles it’s hard to make the commitment that is necessary to get the desired results. While we were discussing our lack of time she said to me “why do we even have to get in shape anyways” and then my gears got going.

I thought about it and I asked myself “why do people work out” and I came up with a few reasons. First and foremost it is important to work out for the obvious health benefits. Even if you’re not pumping iron daily, it is important to remain physically active to help your body and mind perform at optimal levels. Secondly, (this probably applies more so to males) it is important to have some strength for protection. Now if a hurricane sweeps in and blows you away the fact that you can bench 350 isn’t going to do you much good but in a scuffle at the bar, your muscles can come in handy. Thirdly, being in good physical condition is an important factor in trying to find mates. Regardless of gender, looks and physique play a role in deciding whom it is you would like to mate with. Now I know some people are probably thinking, “no, it’s the inside that counts” and that’s very noble and sweet of you, I’m sure that you’ll find someone you love and who makes you’ll be happy and together for a really long time. But right now that’s not important. The three details that I have laid out are three of the basic things needed for survival in the animal kingdom. Being in good shape is natural selection at work.

Natural selection works by making it so that specimens with preferred traits or traits that help that specimen survive live long enough to reproduce and pass on their genes. I refer to this as short term and long-term sustainability. In the short-term sense, the traits help the organism to outlive the other organisms in its species and reproduce. In the long term sense, these traits are then passed down through the offspring so that they live and pass down their genes creating a higher frequency of the preferred gene in the species gene pool.  In the case of the animal kingdom what this usually means is that organisms without this preferred gene die out over a few generations.

This is probably the point where some people are saying “well this doesn’t happen in modern society” which brings me to my point. Why? Why is it that the basic principle of ‘fitness’ still applies without the negative factor of extinction to accompany it? As my mother and I concluded; modern medicine and ethical principles.

Because of innovations we have made in the field of medicine doctors are able to heal the ill, whereas in the animal kingdom this doesn’t happen so often. This is important because it means that “unfit” human beings still have a chance. For example, if you are born without a limb, you can still life. Although things may be more challenging for you, you can survive because of medicine and accommodations made to hello make life a little easier for you. In the animal world there is no such thing. Now elephants are incredibly intelligent creatures, they can remember, they mourn, they have very powerful emotions and in many ways are similar to humans. However, if an elephant looses a tusk the elephant is as good as dead. Another elephant cannot save the injured elephant. Predators won’t feel sympathy for the elephant and spare it’s life, this just isn’t a reality of the animal world.

And maybe it’s for the best that our world isn’t like that. Maybe if it were doctors wouldn’t fight to save lives, teachers wouldn’t be inclined to help students succeed and maybe people like Hitler would never have been stopped. I could go further into this but that’s another tale for another time and I really ought to be sleeping, so Take Care until next time



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