Written by Victorino Nodalo

This idea has been on my mind for a while and I must share it! If you feel inclined to criticize, please do, as I value commentary on my thoughts.  I realize that the tangents I go off can sometimes be too extreme?

Do forgive me, I realize everything sounds redundant. Oh my God! (but not really) Is Vic on this evolution stuff again? He’s a nut! (no, i am Homo sapiens, but i am sure if we go back far enough we can find a common ancestor between vic and nuts. It may not necessarily have resembled a hominid or a nut. It probably had been a simple unicellular organism).

Anyway hear me out guys, it is in good reason.

  1. This is helping me study for my biology exam.
  2. It all builds up and coheres nicely with what I’m trying to put forward.  I realize this sounds a lot like my other blog post, but it may serve as an alternative perspective to my intended message.

One thing that should be obvious, but is worth mentioning nonetheless, is that natural selection carries no intention.  It works not to to make organisms simpler nor more complex. It is a mechanism that selects for advantageous adaptations that increase relative Darwinian fitness.  Life forms are, because they came to be.  (We are, because we came to be?)  It is incorrect to suppose that one life form is “more evolved” than another, as evolution is a continuum.  Rather, it could be looked at as one life form being more complex than another.  Complexity builds itself up as an array of adaptations that come together to increase fitness.

So then.  Now that we, as educated members of society, can assume the following (or you could play along with me at least):

  1. All life forms had come as a result of the same mechanism, evolution by natural selection
  2. All life forms are subject to natural selection
  3. Natural selection has no intent
  4. Humans are life forms (shocker!)

SO here is my point.  Keeping in mind the points mentioned above:

All living organisms are “equal”.  We had emerged to exist as a result of the same process, just as any other living organism. We are subject to the same laws.

It’s all about perspective guys.

I feel, personally, that we tend to forget that we are not necessarily any “better” than the trees at the park, or the fish in the pond, or the birds in the home depot et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. We are all in the same rat race.

I put “equal” and “better” in quotations because value is a human construct. But if we begin to look at things that way, then what isn’t a human construct? this is why i am not in philosophy guys.  (What does it mean to be “equal” anyway?)

Okay, maybe we are relatively complex. But what does that mean?

So we happen to be able to communicate effectively through the transmission of sound.

So we happen to have the capacity to simulate situations that we could potentially come across.

So we happen to have the ability to reflect on our disposition, but when do we ever stop and do that?

Actually, when do we even stop to think about our capacity to reflect on our disposition?

Life is a beautiful thing my friends, cherish it.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.



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