Troof of the Day:Be-Leaf

It’s playoff time again, one of the most exhilarating times of the year. Every game, every play, every point is crucial. This year for hockey the Toronto Maple Leafs qualified for the playoffs after being absent from the port season for the past nine years. now for Toronto fans this is a such deal. Toronto FC have never made the playoffs, it’s been years since the Raptors have made it and the one year we looked to have one of the most impressive sides in the league in the Blue Jays, our players and morale get decimated by untimely injuries. even though we won the grey cup at home in the past fall, our glories have been somewhat overshadowed by the hi-jinks of our comical mayor Rob Ford. so having the leafs making the playoffs is a nice little treat.

And sports is a community building activity. everyone in the city gets together to celebrate their team’s success and chant obscenities at our rivals and their fans. regardless of age, sex, political beliefs, sexual orientation, whatever, everyone is able to get together to bond and celebrate with one another. I was at Maple Leaf Gardens when we lost that heartbreaker to Boston in game 4. and before the crushing blow everyone was having a good time, laughing, cheering, singing the whole deal. the presence of alcohol and weed also played their point but i’ll get to that in another article.

the point I wanted to make and the troof of the day is that sports and fandom is good for you. it teaches you pride, comrodory, faith and other things important to maintaining a healthy personal and interpersonal life. so the toof of the day is be-leaf, be a part of something bigger than you are, and fuck the Bruins.Image



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