So I guess this is growing up…

 As we grow older and mature we experience several changes in our lives; our priorities, preferences, opinions, friends, style and many other things.  Sometimes you don’t realize just how much you’ve changed until you take a step back and look. I’ve been doing quite a bit of that recently and i’m realizing  I’ve changed a lot. Now I know that change and progression are good things  but I feel like I’ve changed and have started becoming the exact person I didn’t like.
Allow me to explain…
Marcus of three or four years ago was; not a drinker, vehemently opposed to weed smoking, adamant in his refusal to wear Nike cleats, was against hipster glasses and the hipsters and wannabe hipsters who wore them, a basher of Jansport bags, part of a friends with benefits, condescending of hippies and never away from soccer for more than 3 weeks (outside of injury).
Yet I find myself here in 2013 the polar opposite of the person I was.
Now I’m not trying to say I’m dissatisfied with myself and the way I am because aside from being a few inches shorter than I thought I would be I’m quite pleased. My main concern is that I haven’t only aged in these few years but that I’ve actually changed. I’ve put a lot of thinking into this but am no closer to an answer.  Is this growing up and realizing that sometimes you have to change in order for me to move forward? Or me learning that I’m willing to abandon the things I say and the things I believe in whenever they get difficult to stay true to?
I don’t know. It’s not harping on my mind or anything but I’d like to know. And when I was admiring my sinfully beautiful cleats today I remembered a picture I saw earlier this week.
According to the Tumblr user who posted/reblogged this photo this quote comes from a six year old. I agree with the kid for the most part. Life doesn’t change just the way you view it does. Maybe that’s all growing up is; developing new perspectives and understandings  of life.


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