The F-Word

I’m not sure if the handful of people who actually read this blog know this but i’m very liberal, I would even consider myself a left wing but I feel like it would be more accurate to identify myself with a philosophical school of thought as opposed to a direction on the political spectrum. The reason I bring this up is because I am very for gay-lesbian rights. I don’t see the logic in hating someone because they’re physically drawn towards someone of the same gender, i’m willing to out right say that it’s as stupid as it is ignorant. 

Which brings me to the main point of this post. I would never refer to a homosexual person as a fag, or faggot or flamer or anything like that. (unless they were one of my friends in which case they would know that I love them unconditionally and mockery is my greatest form of affection). That being said, I was shocked and disgusted with myself when last week I screamed “fag” out of anger. Even though no one was there when I said it I was very apologetic and immediately tried to figure out why I said it, then I came upon a realization.

I said fag not because I’m homophobic but because it’s an angry and hateful word, and when I said it I said it in that context (I was having a fit about some electronic device giving me a hard time which they always seem to do). That’s what the word is for, to convey anger and hatred. It’s horrible that people can say that and purposely direct it towards another human being for such an arbitrary reason.

I know some people who would be more accepting of people being into bestiality or cocaine than into someone of the same sex.

I think that fag should be the “f word” and not fuck, fuck is only offensive in certain context’s and isn’t inherently offensive, but that’s just me.



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