Ode to Nebyu

It’s been exactly one month since you passed my brother and I still think of you everyday, rest peacefully gentle warrior.

My house had never been as quiet as the night you died.

A lonely silence filled in my room.

I never pictured a day without you by my side

I’m still here but you’re in a tomb.

A man with a bright mind

Encased by a thick afro.

A man I proudly call brother,

Truly one of a kind,

A friend and a hero,

A smile as warm as summer.

Emotion struck like an earthquake;

I was in shocked, unsettled,

My hands would violently shake.

My heart heavier than metal.

Long walks on the beach,

Frozen yogurt consumption,

Just you and I, lounging.

I remember always saving you a seat,

Talking about when you’re a husband;

You would have been astounding.

The line between love and hate is thin.

The border between life and death is abrupt.

A friendship that felt like kin

That death decided to interrupt.

You and I could talk about politics,

Pour out our hearts or philosophically discuss.

With seriousness or with jokes,

We had a special friendship.

All the memories of us

Now bittersweet anecdotes.

This feels like theft.

I can’t picture someone as loving as you dying,

Robbed of your future and breath

In a dark hole silently lying.

You never fail to amaze or inspire

And that is your legacy,

I know you’d be proud of that.

People turn to dust but love doesn’t expire,

I will keep you in my memory

Because I can’t have you back.




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