Keep Your Head Up

For anyone who has ever played a sport or anyone who has a decent understanding of sports knows that its critical to keep your head up. I play soccer, and I’m a natural left-back which requires me to do a fair bit of attacking along with my defensive duties. I have never been too confident about my attacking abilities so I seldom tried to do things that I felt were out of my skill set and comfort zone. However, in a game a few weeks ago, I pulled off an impressive run and from then on I have been more confident and ambitious in my play. I was thinking to myself, what is it that changed? What is it that i’m doing now that I wasn’t doing before. I figured it out. I kept my head up. Keeping your head up expands your field of vision, giving you a greater sense of spacial awareness, coordination and can increase your overall effectiveness. Recently I realized that the principle of keeping your head up applies to more than just sports.

Earlier on this month, I was a group leader for my school’s orientation. As a group leader, you’re able to meet other bright, enthusiastic, spirited young people who are all working towards the same goal. The people I met were of a wide range of nationalities and disciplines but they were all wonderful people. Most of these people were strangers to me a month ago but after an action packed week of screaming, dancing, playing games and laughing these became like family members in a home away from home. They were a joy to work with and they’re a joy to see around campus. Although because of varying schedules, groups of friends and the vastness of our UTSC campus it’s not always possible to see these people and spend time with them like we did during orientation week. Despite this, I always find myself walking around campus keeping an eye out for familiar faces to exchange a couple of quick words and a smile with. In the three weeks of school that have passed I’ve noticed this phenomenon happens at least twice a day. And it’s great. I was saying to myself the other day “damn, where have these people been? I wish I had seen them more last year”. That’s when it hit me.

These people have always been there. I just didn’t see them because I was going through the day moping, staring at the floor, which limits your vision in more than a physical way. When you look at the floor the only part of people you’re able to see are their busy feet, hustling and bustling about with no time to spare. When you look up you see, and what you see are people and possibilities.

A great friendship or a great goal are only a glance away so keep your head up.



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