Angel Pt. II

The Sun beats down;

It’s rays feel like bricks,

Slowly. Life is dying.

Hands that strike, not tick.

I lay down,

Bombarded by beams,

My eyelids turn rusty

As I plunge into a state of dreams.

The floor dissolves beneath me

I can not fall nor stand,

Just be in the vacuum

Until I felt a hand,

That brought life to where,

There was only was only death.

Her voice pierces everything

Rushes into me like breath.

The darkness evaporates

My eyes flood with light,

Suddenly I’m soaring,

My senses at their heights

I feel her warmth

Flow into me like the ocean

Coursing through my bones

Healing what once was broken.

Months have gone by

Where seconds were bleak and painful,

Then I was saved

By the grace of an angel.



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