Be The Revolution

Hey. Sorry again for my lengthy absence, and if you hadn’t noticed because you failed to check up on me, I accept your apology.

But all jokes aside, Happy New year to you and yours. I hope you entry into the New Year was joyous and that your year continues on a similar path. Mine was great; from what I remember of it, though the most significant part of my evening came before the year changed.

A couple friends and I went to a club downtown to celebrate the New Year. The club was a pretty big deal, the tickets were pricey, there was a huge lineup to get inside, Justin Bieber was in a limo just outside (not that I’m a fan of Bieber but the man is a pretty big deal). With the crowds, the overall drunkenness of the people in line, the occasion and the fact that it was nearly -13 degrees outside everyone was itching to get inside. That’s where the problems came in, or not getting in I should say, the bouncers didn’t let anyone in. Didn’t matter if you were smoking hot or freezing cold, whether you had a ticket or you were willing to slip the doorman an a crispy 20, no one was getting in. People began to get angry and they pushed each other. Now, I’m a relatively peaceful guy, as well as  relatively small guy so the punishing and the shoving didn’t go over well with me. Though what was really upsetting me was that the pushing wasn’t getting us anywhere, the people who were pushing were just pushing against people people like them, drunk, in and around their early 20’s, on holiday, very very cold, annoyed and growing angry. And did the pushing accomplish? More pushing and yelling, nothing else, still no one was getting in the club. So I decided to do what I am so prone to doing; drunk ranting.

I began to speak up and raised the question “why are we pushing each other? We’re all trying to get in to the same place”. We were fighting the wrong people. Instead of pushing the other people that are trying to get in we should be pushing against the people who refuse to let us in, they’re the real obstacle. For the dozen or so people around me who heard me and were listening, they could see I was quite inebriated but they also recognized that I was also right. This wasn’t the first time that I went off on a tangent of this nature (and I highly doubt it will be the last) but it was the first instance where I had done so in front of strangers and got an actual response. They agreed. We had worked too hard, paid too much money, traveled too far, waited too long for this night and endured too much cold to simply stand outside freezing our asses off outside when we should be inside dancing them off. And when I was starting to get feedback from people I came out with my ace in the hole: if we really wanted to get into the club, the people standing in our way wouldn’t be able to deny us. Just as I was starting to get radical my friend emerged from the crowd and brought me to the front of the line; we’d gotten in. And that was the end of that.

Though brief, the experience was amazing; sharing my thoughts with people, getting my emotions involved and having people get behind it. What a rush. I love spreading “the message” to “the people”. And it wouldn’t be my only instance that night.

Later on that night while I was making my way back home I met a guy my age who goes to McMaster who was also on his way home. Our conversation arose from him asking what time the bus was arriving, we had a twenty minute wait so we decided we should talk for a little while, it was 5 in the morning, what else was there really to do? He began to tell me about his night and about this girl he was interested in and a little problem they had had earlier and I gave him some advice once I got a gist of the situation. He seemed to respond to the advice well and after that the subject switched to his professional aspirations as a teacher. We talked about the difference good teachers can make and bitched about the ones we have in university (as per usual). our conversation continued on to the bus and right up until the point when he got off the bus. Though I can’t remember his name at this time, he’s the first friend I made this year and he made a huge difference in it and perhaps my life.

When I retold the story to a friend I realized, that’s the kind of thing i want to do with my life, not get drunk and talk to strangers per se but if someones willing to pay me to do that I’d be more than happy to accept the position, but help and talk to people. Spread thoughts and ideas to people and watch it make a difference in their lives in some way. That’s the reason I want to be a journalist, that’s part of the reason I bother scribbling down these thoughts at all.

today in class one of my profs reminded me of that, she’s passionate, scholarly and doesn’t back down; that’s the way I want to be and hope to be. I still have a long way to go though and it begins with this week with school reconvening. And though it’s a bitch and it does as I so eloquently put it “destroys my life” after my New Years experience I can say that it looks promising and I have something worthwhile to look forward to.



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