Stolen Glances

Travelling alone,

Eyes wander from the window

Onto those of someone unknown.

Sitting across the aisle,

Legs casually crossed,

A brunette bun and faint smile.

Curiously he wonders

What’s her occupation?

How does she spend her summers?

Would she choose Biggie or Tupac?

Were her parents divorced?

What was her stop?

Would it be strange of him to suddenly switch chairs?

To be bold, to say “hi.” Or is that creepy?

Is it more polite to stare?

He thinks to himself, “this could be a story to tell the kids.

One year on our anniversary, I’ll proclaim

‘You’ll never guess what your old man did.'”

He’s charming but more so hesitant.

He desperately needs spontaneity

And could use a breath mint.

She looks forward; eyes sapphire blue.

Mentally, he’d prepared for that moment

In reality, he had no idea what to do.

His gaze quickly changes direction.

He averts his eyes to the floor

To avoid detection.

“Damn.” A chance squandered.

And he doesn’t know if

He has much longer.

He waits a few moments, ’til he feels it’s safe to look,

He sees her deep blue eyes have disappeared

Back to the pages of her book.

She looked, he looked away. There were no advances.

Just two strangers in a waltz

Of stolen glances.



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