Hi, My Name Is…

There was a time in my life where I desperately wanted to change my name. It was stuffy, I didn’t like it. It sounded too serious and I never really saw myself as an overly serious person. I didn’t like saying or hearing it; which is is a huge problem it being my name and all but I couldn’t get over the feeling it didn’t suit me.
But what the hell does that mean?!
I mean think about it… what does it mean for a name to suit you? How can you look like a Brandon or a Stephanie? Like any good (self proclaimed) philosopher I will now take a moment to address a possible objection I might hear from an opponent:
“But Marcus (they say oafishly) what about a name like Javier? Surely makes sense to say that someone does or doesn’t look like a Javier”.But you’re wrong. In more ways than one.
Names are combinations of letters that have meanings just like all other words. How can someone look like a meaning? Unless your name means something like golden-haired-blue-eyed-girl and you happen to be a golden-haired-blue-eyed-girl in which case, congrats, you win at life. But in most cases names aren’t like that and even when they are most people don’t even know the meanings.
There are also cases where someone’s name means warrior for example, and the person happens to be a burly, stone-faced,intimidating looking dude. In which case the name very well suits him. But could his parents have known that? Were they oracles who’d predicted the trajectory of their son’s life almost immediately after his emergence from the vagina or dictators who etched their child’s future in stone for the sole purpose of fulfilling the prophecy of his name? I think not. For the most part names are either hand-me-downs/dedications, suggestions, random or the result of a failed attempt at being creative (I’m talking to you North West). So the so called suitability of someones name is completely random.
Let’s talk about North for a second. In a side note, North is yet another testament of Kanye’s belief that he’s larger than life. Ye thinks he can get away with naming his child whatever ridiculous thing he sees fit and quite literally makes a joke of his daughter’s name that she will have to live with. And if Kim chose the name then she may be as air-headed as the media would like you to believe.
But anyways.. What would it mean for someone “to look like a North”. How on earth does one look like a direction!? How does that even make sense?
So what you really mean when you say someone does or doesn’t look like a Javier is someone does or doesn’t look like they could be Spanish. Racist. And if we’re not naming kids based on the meaning of the words, couldn’t I just have easily been Javier or Wayne or Mohammed and not Marcus? If you think not, you’re racist.
In my opinion we shouldn’t discuss whether or not someone looks like their name and we should instead discuss whether or not someone is like their name. Like I said before, names are words with meanings. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to decide whether or not someone’s name is suitable based on their personality and not their appearance? Appearance is superficial and only describes a person to a certain degree. Appearance can easily and constantly be changed, it’s influenced by trends (like the whole get in shape trend), influenced by financial class etc etc. Whereas personality isn’t just a part of you it is you. You’re personality is to an extend inescapable. Who you are is who you are and it’s very hard to genuinely change and is in someways out of your control.
And think about it like this. You could still be you without your appearance or if you had a different appearance. Personality don’t work that way. You wouldn’t be you without your personality. You’d be a sack of flesh n bones and that’s about it.
So next time you ask whether or not someone’s name suits them compare the meaning of their name with their personality instead of comparing their appearance with those of other people you’ve met or seen on TV with that name.

Here’s a good site for finding the meanings of names if you’re expecting or just curious:



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