Don’t Be a Red Onion

Forest Gump’s mama said “life is like a box of chocolate”. That never made much sense to me.

I think life is more like a bowl of salad; there’s different kinds of salads made with different lettuces, different garnishing, some salads have meat while others don’t and some are more fruity than others. 

I bring this up is because I find that a lot of salads, or at least the ones I like to eat have red onions in them. Some people I know can’t stand red onions, and I don’t blame them. They don’t taste that great, they can be annoying to prepare and they don’t do too much to add to the overall taste of the salad; they’re kind of just there. If given the option to have the red onions or not, I would choose to have them yes, but their absence would be inconsequential for the most part. And red onions are not the kind of vegetable that would be nice to eat on it’s own, like broccoli for example.

The point i’m trying to make here is don’t be a red onion. By that I mean don’t be the person that has a bland personality, (or worse a bad personality) who isn’t exactly fun to be around in one-on-one situations or doesn’t contribute much to the groups their apart of, be they social, musical, sport or otherwise. These people thrive in groups where the attention is spread out among several people as opposed to focused on them. These Red Onions are like the ‘W’ at the beginning of wreath; there for decorative purposes only

I’m not trying to say everybody has to be the engine or the spark in their group or imply that everybody can however. In order for the balance of your salad or your life to be maintained, you must have some of everything. Every ingredient is important and plays a part in the completeness of your life- salad. All I’m saying is that one should strive to be the dressing; it’s the most exciting and important part. And yes of course one could have a salad without any dressing but what fun is that? The dressing makes the salad pop, it makes it interesting, the dressing is what gives the salad it’s personality. Changing the dressing on a salad drastically changes the taste of the salad.

So go a head make that difference, drizzle the flavor of your soul on everyone and everything that you come across because no one else has flavor quite like you.



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