Rubik’s Cube

Hey. So I changed the layout of the blog, whaddaya think?

I just wanted to give a quick thank you to all my followers and all the people who read my blog. Stop and Analyze is almost three years old and this is my 100th post! I have loved writing on this blog and it brings me great joy to know that people enjoy reading it. Here’s to many more posts!

This is another oldie from Book of Mars

Staring at four walls,

The wind blows,

The floor creaks.

The same scene

For forty-four weeks.

Torturous echoes,

The faucet leaks,

It weeps.

I’m going mad.

I’m going to freak!

Or shriek,

But really, I’m too tired to speak.

I’ve become weak,

I’ve become brittle.

The possibilities are endless,

And I feel so little.

Trapped in the middle.

I sit by the window

As my senses dwindle,

Outside is dreary,

Storm clouds and drizzle,

There is no rainbow

There’ll be no skittles.

The sky’s expressionless face

No smiles, just wrinkles.

Nothing is simple,

Is this all a riddle?

Though, I have all my life

To solve Rubik’s cube;

That’s the good news,

I guess.

I don’t get to choose,

I cannot refuse

Just try and try again

And try again

Only to lose.

What’s the use?

I’m a ticking time bomb

I can’t defuse.

Then appears a shadowy figure.

Who is he?

Why has he come hither?

The silhouette grows bigger,

My heart races quicker,

Then it drops,

His sinister smile Is strangely familiar.



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