The Adventures of Fire Boy and Earth Fairy: FIFA Beef

Last week I was in Ibiza
I ran into a staple who thought he was Frieza
He said “I bet I could slap you in a game of FIFA”
Then invited me over for beer and pizza.
He said “if you’re not a lil bitch,
You’ll be at my base six.
Dawg you ain’t ready for these tricks.
You suck at FIFA like it wuz dicks”.
That’s when I started to get heated
And decided that that staple had to be defeated.
He was so obnoxious and incredibly conceited
But he didn’t know my FIFA feats could not be repeated.
Just after six I arrived at his door,
Hydrated, infuriated and ready for war.
That poor staple didn’t know what was in store,
At the end of the game it was zero to four.
I laughed in his face after I was done,
That’s when hommie reached for his gun.
He bust a cap right in my lung.
But it’s all good, at least I won.




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