This ship, this little island stranded in the middle of a

vast sea. My fortress where I reign alone.

The water is calm, I think. What lay beyond it’s surface, off in the distance is ignorance to me.

Still, I gaze on, searching for something in the sky.

The wind’s warm breath guides me

Though I am still lost. No matter which direction I am spun

I will go where the voyage takes me.

When the Sun sets and all becomes black, a chilly breeze

rattles my teeth, the Stars continue to glimmer

like snowflakes in the winter, covering all I see.

They glow against the black blanket of sky.

How sweet it would be to be back in the arms of a lover,

to sail across time and the sea,

and sink my toes in familiar sand.

Alas, it is foolish to stare idly at the stars hoping for a wish to fall from the sky,

praying that some rescue ship will come

and bring me home.

Eventually the tides will calm,

I will see out this storm and be off this island eventually.



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